Weekly Meal Plan – Another Solo Week

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Well I managed to make it through the first week of my hubby away. It’s been a big adjustment but one that we’re doing pretty well with. I’ve actually been able to get to some of the projects I’ve been putting off for ages. Boredom is a good motivator.

Last week’s meal plan worked great for getting dinner on the table quickly so this is another week of super quick and easy meals. Hope it works for your family too.


LunchBagel with cream cheese and cut veggies

DinnerDinner at my parents house. We didn’t do Easter dinner this weekend so I get ham and scalloped potatoes tonight instead.


Lunch – Picky plates
Since I go grocery shopping today, lunch will be an assortment of whatever is in the fridge. I try to make sure I have a few veggies, a little fruit, some cheese, crackers and maybe some yogurt.

Dinner – Chicken Burgers
I’ll use the same recipe as my Mediterranean chicken meatballs but make them into patties. I’ll serve them in pitas with tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts and some tzatziki.


Lunch – Tuna sandwiches with carrot sticks

Dinner – Breakfast Burritos
Scrambled eggs, sausages in warm tortillas, topped with shredded cheese, diced tomatoes and some hot sauce on mine


Lunch – Veggie sandwiches with cheese and veggie chips

Dinner – Meatball subs
Sub buns filled with meatballs and sauce that I made and froze last week then topped with grated cheese and toasted under the broiler. For the meatball or sauce recipe click HERE.


Lunch – PB and J paninis with yogurt and bananas

Dinner – Chicken pesto pizza with diced tomatoes and artichoke hearts


Lunch – Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches

Dinner – Veggie Hash and poached eggs


Lunch – Leftovers of some kind
Guaranteed that there is something in the fridge that we can eat

Dinner – Masala Sloppy Joes
My hubby will be home so I’m looking forward to something yummy and that takes a little more time.

There’s one more week of dinners and easy lunches. Hope this makes your life a little easier and tastier. If you’d like to see how I create my meal plans click HERE

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