Turning Points


I have to be honest, I had a hard time writing this week.  Life just feels kind of beige, like being stuck in neutral or purgatory. Work is slow, the kids are pooped from daycare and at the end of the night hubby and I just plop on the couch to watch garbage TV. Not that I crave excitement, that usually means drama or stress but something would be good.

I see it too. That’s the worst part. I walk by the mirror seeing my apathetic face and all I do is shrug and plunk back down on the couch. I’d score a 2 out 10 on the “I give a crap” scale. 

I’m fighting it though.  I have a feeling it’ll be a slow climb out but I refuse to live my life as a lump. A passive, boring, slowly molding, lump. So I took a big step last night kicking the blarrgghhs out the window.

I forced my ass upstairs and onto the elliptical trainer. I only did 20 minutes, but dammit I moved. Afterwards I went back downstairs and managed to get the kids lunches and my own made and feel good about what I packed. I still sat and watched some crappy TV, but a little less of it and with a gentle soreness in my legs reminding me I have muscles that like to get used.

I also deleted Candy Crush off my phone…

When hubbers was working away I didn’t really get much in the way of a break. So instead of a physical break I gapped out on my phone and played this mind numbing game.

I used it to cope, and it became a habit that’s been hard to break. When he came back permanently I still found myself tapping out and staring at candies. Then something shifted, I realized I missed my kids so much that I didn’t want to a waste a moment. That’s it, it was gone! If I need a break I’ll take a walk. Then I can come back and be present in my life. It may be boring and beige but it’s mine and my kids are a lot more interesting than level 356. Now for Bubble Witch…

So there it is, a turning point in a neutral non-inspired week, (other than the food, that was still really good). Slumps are not a pretty place to be and I know next week can only get better especially since I have every intention of making it that way.

“The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem” Captain Jack Sparrow

I was posting lunch and breakfasts that I made throughout the week but I’m finding we all take different things so it’s really hard to find a way to share that. Instead I’m going to continue sharing the suppers we make throughout the week and then I will write posts with lunch and breakfast ideas for the kids and grownups.


Sweet potato and black bean burritos
These were delicious, I’ve been playing around with the idea of sweet potatoes to make a filling vegetarian meal and it worked perfectly. I sautéed an onion, one sweet potato and then added a diced red pepper and a can of black beans. I used my favourite combination of Mexican inspired seasonings: cumin, chili powder, lime and cilantro plus a splash of veggie stock. Rolled the mixture into a tortilla with cheese and salsa and then grilled the whole thing. The best way I’ve found to cook them is to lay them in a pan and then place a heavier pan on top, turning once. It makes them nice and golden on the outside and the cheese lovely and gooey.


Chicken burgers and green bean fries

Chicken burgers and green bean fries

Chicken burgers with Green Bean Fries
I used the same recipe I use for Mediterranean meatballs and made patties. I topped our burgers with grated beets, salad greens, and sliced tomatoes. Served with green bean fries. These weren’t quite what I expected but they were delicious and I will definitely try them again.


Spaghetti with whole wheat pasta
I had brilliantly made a large batch of spaghetti and froze it for later. It is so nice to pull out supper and just have to heat it up. Plus I love that spaghetti can be packed with so many veggies. It makes for a healthy, tasty and satisfying supper.


Fish stick sandwiches
I had some fish sticks left over and needed to use them up. I slathered fresh buns with my homemade tartar sauce then snuggled the fish into the bun and topped it with shredded cabbage. Served with cut veggies it was a really yummy way to use fish sticks.

Fish sticky sandwich

Fish sticky sandwich


Pea Soup and Biscuits
Hubbies request and since I took the Friday off I could happily accommodate. I used bacon, carrots, celery and onion as the base then added split peas and chicken stock. I let it simmer away happily and served with homemade biscuits. I have to say it was lovely and we all enjoyed every bit


BBQ not chicken pizza
My friend recommended Gardein chicken nuggets as a meat substitute and I have to say I am impressed. The texture was meaty and we were all really happy with the flavour. It doesn’t taste like chicken but has its own unique combination of seasoning that complimented the pizza really well.


Slow braised short ribs
We purchased an 1/8 of a cow recently and I had been really looking forward to cooking these short ribs. I based them off this recipe and it turned out wonderful! So great that I was inspired to write an entire post about braising. They were perfect on mashed potatoes and with sautéed kale. The vinegar with the kale added an acidity that cut through the richness of the short ribs. The combination of all three was the exact right combination of flavours and textures and it is a meal that will be remembered with fondness.

Braised short ribs with garlic mash and sauteed kale

Braised short ribs with garlic mash and sauteed kale

Well, that’s what I fed the family this week. Hope I helped make feeding your family a little easier. I’d love to hear from you all so leave me a comment or come say hi on twitter or Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/myweeklydish

2 thoughts on “Turning Points

  1. I really should delete candy crush too – hahaha amazing how easy it is to get sucked in!!!

    So my hubby did the braising thing (as I mentioned on facebook) – and tonight we were talking and he said he was so stoked and inspired because that post was the SCIENCE of cooking – and he’s a scientist so it spoke to him. He said he’d be so excited to read more about food chemistry and those things you learned, if you ever need inspiration! This means a lot coming from him, as I’ve been a blogger for 5ish years and he’s taken 0 interest in any food blogs in that time!! 🙂

    Great job – looking forward to reading more!

    • Wow!! I don’t know how to say thank you enough and please thank your hubby for justifying the massive amount of student debt I have:)
      I will absolutely keep that in mind and I’m excited to know someone will appreciate my geeky knowledge

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