I live on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. My husband and I have two amazing children that challenge us to live a life we can feel good about. Life here is meant to be lived outdoors and we spend as much time as possible exploring this amazing wonderland. We are also fortunate to have access to delicious and healthy eating options year round. Since we try to be active in our lives, eating well and caring for ourselves is also a key part of my life.

I’ve always loved cooking and find that it is not only nutrition and fuel for me but also where I can meditate and express my creativity. I love combining flavours and get excited when I create something that tastes amazing. We’re also busy so I don’t have time for the fancy foodie eats I could play with when I didn’t have kids. However, I also want my children to explore food with us and I don’t hold back flavour because of them. My son will happily eat curry, dim sum and most vegetables.

I’ve been cooking dinner since I was 9 when I started helping my mom out. She was a creative cook and I was probably the only kid other then my sister bringing cumin corn salad with quesadillas for lunch. Later I worked in a health food store preparing the daily special for the lunch crowd and making home made soups. My growing love of food had me take my passion to school were I moved to Alberta to become a dietitian. I found it wasn’t the fit I thought after almost completing my degree so I became a Human Ecologist and now work with families, especially those struggling with substance abuse.

So cooking remains a passion that finds its way into my work when I can. I’ve taught nutrition workshops to youth, coordinated a treatment program for clients with eating disorders and taught basic cooking to those interested. I’ve also made sure that a healthy dinner has been on our table almost every night at home. It takes some balancing to eat well and have a life too and I want to share that knowledge and experience that I’ve gained over the last 26 years.

My goal is to make feeding your family as easy and enjoyable as possible. I know my love of cooking isn’t shared by everyone so I also want to make meals that require minimal effort but can impress anyone that comes to the table. I hope you find my stories, recipes, and posts make your life a little easier.


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