Family Meal Plan week 1


It’s a low key week with my sister coming at the end of the week for a visit from Kelowna, (maybe she’ll bring wine?). My husband is taking time off to spend it with us so I don’t need to plan leftovers or lunches and I’ve reused a few ingredients to cut down my grocery list. Plus I get one night off for sure.

This is the first meal plan I’m posting so if you have feedback on the format, or ideas on any part of this post I want to hear from you.

Monday Night

Salad and ChickenRotisserie chicken on a tonne of veggies and greens. I love Organic mesculin greens and topped with tomatoes, peppers, carrot, cabbage and chicken it’s a yummy, easy dinner. I am a bread lover so I would serve this with warm foccacia too.

Tuesday Night

Fish TacosThis is my grocery shopping day so I like a fast dinner. My hubby’s pick this week is fish tacos. I use fish sticks (don’t look at me like that). You can get fabulous, multi-grain, sustainably fished options as well as the good old fish stick. Chopped cabbage, cilantro, and lime cream (equal parts sour cream and plain yogurt with a squeezed lime and a bit of salt) top it off. Serve on flour tortillas and dinner is done by the time the fish is cooked.

Wednesday night

Pulled chicken sandwichesUse left over. or rotisserie chicken and coat with your favourite bbq sauce in a saucepan over med-low heat, (I have an amazing bbq sauce recipe I’ll share over the summer!). Make a quick coleslaw with shredded cabbage, grated carrot and a dressing of roughly 2 spoons mayo, 1 spoon vinegar, a sprinkle of sugar and salt. Place the bbq’d chicken on a bun top with coleslaw and voilà, pulled chicken sandwiches.

Thursday Night

Breakfast nightThis week we’ll have fried egg sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, bacon and maybe avocado if they’re nice looking. Served with fruit salad too.

Friday Night

Italian Sausage PizzaI’ve started buying Naan and using it as individual pizza crusts. I have full intention of making crusts but haven’t had time to experiment with them yet. My favourite toppings right now are pesto, Italian sausage (I like the chicken version), and sautéed peppers and onions, topped with a little stringy mozzarella. It’s like sausage and peppers but better and on pizza, so amazing!

Saturday Night

Masala sloppy Joes –  Indian takeaway meets the sloppy joe. Delicious and lots of veggies mixed in.

Sunday Night

My sister will be in town so I know I’ll be invited to dinner at my parents.

That’s it. One weeks worth of easy, healthy dinners you can happily feed to your family. If you haven’t read it yet my post on meal planning explains some of the basics on how I plan our dinners.


2 thoughts on “Family Meal Plan week 1

  1. Love it!! We also love chicken on top of salad with lots of veggies!! I love to add dried fruit and nuts or substitute your fav seafood instead. I just roasted a few chicken breast (bone in skin on…… So much cheaper this way) and then we have roasted chicken for another meal and yummy sandwich meat (instead of processed deli meats). Here’s my tip … Roast your chicken breast with the skin on to keep moisture in… I slide my fingers under the skin before cooking and rub with olive oil and fav spices …then I take the skin off before eating and hubby leaves his on. I fund my chicken a bit dry if I take the skin off before cooking.
    I’m pretty sure we need to eat pulled chicken sandwiches net,,, yummy .. And way less fat then pork

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